Our Services

Project Design and Management


Our key staff has extensive experience in the planning, preliminary and final design, and project management of a broad range of projects including water and wastewater treatment facilities, water conveyance, wastewater collection systems, tanks, lift stations, stormwater systems and various other public works.

Constantine Engineering's professionals work with clients to quickly evaluate feasible alternatives, concentrating on those that promise to reduce operating costs while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.

When evaluating the suitability of such applications, our professionals give special design consideration to simplicity and ease of operation. Although we have applied advanced technologies to meet stringent discharge standards, cost-effectiveness and energy conservation have been equally important in design considerations.


Our objective when designing facilities is to reduce initial capital and life-cycle costs, while designing a facility with a long useful life and low maintenance, which meets the client's budget, schedule, and quality needs.

In all aspects of project design, we apply our philosophy of partnership with our clients, providing them with opportunities to offer input to the design process typically at 30%, 60% and 90% design, which results in the most responsive design possible. Additionally, we provide complete multi-disciplinary design through our staff as well as key partnerships with support disciplines throughout our regional footprint.

Construction Management


Constantine Engineering professionals believe that construction management or services during construction (SDC) are as important as an accurate design. Our construction management services help our clients achieve a successful project that is completed on time and within budget. Our professionals have a extensive construction management experience with a broad range of engineering projects.

Constantine believes, as our experience demonstrates, that effective services during construction result in a successful project done right the first time! Our plan during construction is to monitor the contractor's performance proactively-thus preventing potential problems before they are constructed. Once constructed, correcting errors - regardless of the cause or responsibility - is costly to all parties.


Our professionals observe the construction to identify whether proper methods and materials are used. Our professionals represent the client's position in the field and manage and coordinate the field activities. Our services generally include the coordination and review of submittals and shop drawings, monitoring onsite construction activities, negotiating and issuing change orders, and the processing of contractor and vendor requests for payment.

Constantine Engineering featured Construction Management Services includes:

  • Services During Construction
  • Resident Engineering and Observation
  • Control of Change Orders
  • Training and Startup
  • Schedule Development

General Consulting


Constantine Engineering professionals have provided general consulting engineering services across the southeast United States since the early 1980s. Our experience reveals that today's utilities face common issues that include greater accountability to ratepayers, stricter regulations, staffing challenges, and more restrictive budgets.

Constantine Engineering works with our clients to manage the development and implementation of their projects to achieve success, while keeping cost, reliability, and schedule in mind. Project management is a core expertise that our professionals have developed over many years of active project delivery.


We have been recognized for our knowledge, experience, and capabilities to deliver quality solutions and products on time and within budget. Working together, Constantine Engineering manages the expectations of our clients, and the delivery of outside consultants and contractors to develop optimal solutions to issues facing our client while keeping cost, reliability, and schedule in mind.

Our broad base of engineering experience and expertise allows us to add real value and offer meaningful input to various projects, as well as to understand, support, and work in a spirit of partnership with our clients. We pride ourselves on our personal and corporate commitment to earning and keeping your business. Just a few of the General Consulting Engineering Services that we perform include:

  • Master Planning
  • Facility Assessment and Utility Operations and Maintenance Assistance
  • SSES Services
  • GIS Services
  • Value Engineering
  • Financial and Economic Services
  • Community Relations

Program Management


Constantine’s Engineering, Inc’s professionals are experienced in delivering unmatched Program Management services utilizing proven management tools and processes.

Program management, while similar to project management, differs because it requires centralized authority and responsibility for planning and leading the combined efforts of multiple engineering and construction firms or project teams. Constantine Engineering has successfully applied experience, tools and techniques in a coordinated management effort to deliver an extensive portfolio of programs.

Detail-Oriented program_management

Quality has always been at the heart of Constantine Engineering’s culture and is a key component to successful program delivery. Project instructions, work planning, scheduling, team meetings, client workshops, and status reports all enhance the prospect of completing a program within scheduling and budgetary constraints. Our attention to detail and ability to view the program from a holistic perspective has enabled us to develop work plan strategies that are customizable to individual client needs.

Diverse Experience

At Constantine Engineering, we have experienced professionals – many of whom have worked in municipal government – that have applied our tools and techniques to assist cities and organizations throughout the Southeast in expediting the delivery of capital improvement programs.

By taking a collaborative approach with our clients, Constantine Engineering can often achieve short- and long-term goals with greater speed, efficiency and quality. Our broad base of engineering and construction experience allows us to add real value and offer meaningful input to various projects.

With a diverse background of projects and clients in hand, Constantine’s professionals are able to combine interrelated projects into an overall program. Whether working with military authorities, city authorities, or private contractors in a rural or urban community, we have what it takes to deliver quality results to our clients.

Construction Services


Constantine Constructors is a licensed contractor in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. We can take any public works project from concept through planning, financing, design, construction, start-up and training. Our experience as a licensed contractor provides our clients with an invaluable resource, whether Constantine Constructors builds the project or provides expertise for an alternative to traditional design-bid-build projects.

Constantine Constructors specializes in the construction of infrastructure assets for water supply, treatment, and distribution, as well as for wastewater collections, conveyance, treatment, and disposal. Our primary asset is our experienced team of highly qualified and skilled professionals and associates who are experienced in all forms of project delivery, including the traditional Design/Bid/Build method and the Design/Build alternative delivery method. Constantine Constructors has the diverse set of tools and knowledge to deliver cost-efficient, on-time projects that meet or exceed our client's expectations.


Constantine Constructors is your best source for exceeding your expectations in alternative project delivery. Alternative project delivery and design/build services have steadily grown in the public sector, and Constantine Constructors, Inc. has worked with our clients to adapt and utilize alternative project delivery approaches to meet the growing number of project delivery challenges facing them, including:

  • Critical schedule demands
  • Cost efficient delivery
  • Single source responsibility and reduced disputes
  • Emergency conditions

Our experience with the Alternative Project Delivery Approach has revealed that there are consistent benefits, including:

  • Greater participation by the contractor during the design process, typically resulting in a more cost-effective design.
  • Facilitated communications between the design and construction personnel, resulting in minimization of overall project duration and more effective transformation of design concepts into construction reality.
  • Single-point responsibility for the owner, who does not have to mediate disagreements between the designer and contractor over responsibility for specific aspects of the project.
  • Reduction of adversarial issues over traditional projects (design and build) jobs, particularly those where the construction contract is awarded because of competitive bidding.
  • Reduced administrative burden for the owner and improved risk management.

Regulatory compliance


Constantine professionals, with several decades of experience, provide clients with hands-on environmental regulatory compliance services. Our professional staff has extensive experience and expertise in a broad spectrum of federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

Constantine helps our municipal and commercial clients achieve and maintain compliance with a plethora of environmental regulations. From air to water, from risk management to CMOM, Constantine can provide the compliance solution.

Constantine regulatory compliance services include:

  • Impact/Assessment Studies,
  • Phase I, II, & III Site Assessments,
  • Archaeological Assessment,
  • Air Quality Permitting,
  • Water Quality Studies,
  • Surface Water Monitoring,
  • Environmental Restoration,
  • Construction Stormwater, and
  • NPDES & MS4 Permitting Assistance.

Software Solutions and Modeling


Constantine is ready to assist with your modeling/simulation and data management and analysis project. Data is the heart of any operation; however, the analysis of data is the key to wise, long-term, and cost effective decision making. Data without management and analysis is frustrating for all parties. Whatever your data needs, Constantine has the solution.

Water and Wastewater System Hydraulic Modeling - Constantine's professional and technical staff have developed hundreds of water and wastewater hydraulic, surge models, and storm water models for clients across the southeast. Our modelers are experienced with numerous hydraulic modeling platforms, including WaterCAD and SewerCAD, H2ONet and H2OSurge, K-Y Pipe, and EPANet, to name a few. Hydraulic models are essential tools for understanding the behavior of any pressure or gravity piping system. Constantine uses these models and simulation tools to evaluate alternatives of system expansions and upgrades, new pumping, storage, and piping designs, and improved operational controls and performance. Our experts are following the opportunities that are emerging to link hydraulic modeling with wastewater process simulations to further expand the capabilities of both tools.

Wastewater Process Modeling - Constantine understands how wastewater process modeling can enhance projects by assisting us to better define how wastewater treatment systems behave under varying conditions and operations. We are experienced using EnviroSim BioWin dynamic wastewater treatment process simulation model to enhance our insights into plant upgrades, new plant designs, and improved operational controls. Our modeling experts have used the available modeling and simulations tools to evaluate and design dozens of wastewater processes across the southeast.

Custom Development - Our team of highly skilled software developers, network technicians, and system architects can provide software solutions that fit your specific needs. Constantine is committed to providing its customers with reliable, robust applications built on proven system architecture. From initial specification to product development to product support, we will work with you to meet your data management and presentation goals.

Regulatory Compliance Systems - Constantine specializes in assisting water and wastewater utilities in compliance with the myriad state and federal environmental regulations. Our unique blend of IT, GIS, and engineering professionals can provide software solutions to streamline and enhance your regulatory compliance and reporting demands.


Systems Integration - Constantine provides seamless integrations of otherwise disparate information systems. Our successes in enterprise integrations include: financial systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), automatic vehicle location systems (AVL), geographic information systems (GIS), computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), enterprise asset management systems (EAM), inventory control systems (ICS), along with many other customized and off-the-shelf hardware and software systems.

Constantine offers state of the art systems to help you log, store, manage, and most of all, put data to use. We support several utility management and compliance tools, and have worked with utilities to develop client-specific software solutions to assist with better management and control of their utilities. Our software solutions use project and utility specific operation and financial information to assist with our clients' ability to interpret the myriad of data, promoting better control of their utility operations. Our Capital Projects Information Management System (CPIMS) software allows our clients to track and manage their CIP from inception through the completion of construction, by managing and storing project financial data, design information and data, submittals, contracts, schedules, and other related information.

Subsurface Utility Engineering


Constantine Engineering professionals are experienced and have the equipment to perform subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services to obtain buried conductive and non-conductive utility location, verification, data acquisition, and mapping services. Our professionals have provided locating, planning, and mapping assistance to both large and small public and private utilities, as well as architectural and engineering firms.

Our professionals are experienced with the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, sub-meter global positioning systems (GPS), as well as vacuum and hydro-vacuum excavation methods to safely locate and identify buried utility infrastructure assets.


Our approach to locating buried assets is to use GPR to supplement traditional electro-magnetic methods radio frequency pipe and cable locators by detecting non-metallic or non-conductive utilities such as PVC pipe, fiber-optic cables, or other plastics, concrete, terra cotta and more.

SUE services that Constantine Engineering staff can perform include:

  • Utility Planning and Mapping Assistance
  • Utility Locating Services
  • Utility Location Verification Services
  • Utility Data Acquisition and Mapping
  • Utility Smoke Testing

Telemetry and SCADA


Constantine Engineering, Inc’s experienced staff is uniquely qualified to design and integrate your Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Solutions.

Our services range from traditional control systems engineering to hands-on system integration projects. Over the years we have tailored our designs to provide components and subsystems from a wide range of manufacturers with the goal of providing the client with reliable operation and minimal downtime.

SCADA & Telemetry System Design

SCADA solutions are the best option to control and monitor unit, industrial, infrastructure, and facilitybased processes. Whether the solution is local or requires access to remote sites, our staff has the expertise to engineer the perfect solution. Our key staff have undertaken SCADA projects as simple as industrial processes and as complex as Wastewater Treatment Facilities or Building Automation Systems.

Telemetry Primary Services

Our I&C group includes professionals with broad experience with many of the major manufacturers of industrial and municipal automation technologies and software. Key members of our staff are also licensed contractors, which not only allows them to design the control systems, but provides them the ability to actually construct them. This hands-on approach to developing your system is unique and allows for individualized system integration based on a client’s needs.

Instrumentation and Control System Engineering

Engineering tasks include development of P&IDs, instrumentation specifications, automation network design, instrument loop sheets, control panel design, and wiring schematics.

System Integration

System integration is a key component to the success of any instrumentation and control system. Our staff is experienced in instrument configuration, HMI development, and process automation programming.

Commissioning and Training

Our staff provides full service commissioning of control systems and client-specific training services.