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John Rains Water Treatment Plant Improvements, Fort Payne, AL

Project Highlights:

  • 9 MGD WTP Improvements
  • Solids contact clarifiers
  • UV disinfection
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Centrifuges
  • Chemical storage and dewatering building
  • Chemical feed equipment
  • Granular activated

Fort Payne Water Department (FPW) selected Constantine Engineering, Inc. to plan, permit, design and manage construction of the $6.3 million improvements to their existing John Rains Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The WTP produces water for residents of the City of Fort Payne and outlying areas within DeKalb County, Alabama. The WTP is capable of producing 9.0 million gallons per day (MGD) of finished drinking water.

FPW and Constantine implemented a solids contact clarification process to replace the existing flash mix, flocculation and sedimentation process. Two new 65-foot diameter clarifiers were installed, each capable of treating 4.5 MGD of raw water.

FPW and Constantine wanted to take a proactive approach for upgrading their existing water treatment facility. The selected UV disinfection system will provide an additional 2.5 log credits, if required in the future, and provide an additional microorganism defense to protect FPW’s customers.

In order to improve and lower the cost of their sludge handling operation, Centrifuge dewatering was selected as the best method for dewatering and disposal of the sludge.

FPW and Constantine sought to improve trihalomethane (THM) & haloacetic acid (HAA) precursor removal, remove taste and odor compounds and protect against pesticide contamination. The implementation of GAC will allow FPW to meet disinfection-by-product precursor removal goals, improve taste and odor, and help protect against pesticide contamination.

Water Works Board
City of Fort Payne, AL