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St Johns Ponte Vedra Landing Culvert Replacement

Project Highlights:

  • Replacement of cross culverts ranging from 12" to 48" in diameter
  • Headwall removal and new installation
  • Relocation of fiber optic lines
  • Installation of new storm water structures
  • Repairs to existing storm water inlets

St. Johns County (FL) Public Works Department, under its pavement management program, inspects the condition of roads and associated storm water culverts to determine the need for replacement. Based on these inspections, a road is selected, along with all cross culverts, to be replaced if found in unsatisfactory condition. Since 2014, Constantine has assisted the County in replacement of failing corrugated metal pipe with reinforced concrete pipe, which has a much longer service life, saving taxpayer money in the long run. As a result of these efforts, the County selected the area of the Ponte Vedra Landing subdivision to have its road repaved and drainage network updated with new county standards.

Constantine has replaced all cross culverts in this area that ranged from 12" to 48" in diameter, including headwall removal and new installation, utility coordination and relocation of fiber optic lines, installation of new storm water structures, and repairs to existing storm water inlets. Due to the extent of construction and a single access road to the neighborhood, rigorous MOT was implemented and public meetings were conducted in order to minimize impact on residents during construction through the holiday season. Constantine prides itself in smooth project execution and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by successful completion of this project.

St Johns County Public Works Department
2740 Industry Center Rd.
St. Augustine, FL 32084