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Mobile County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Integration and Customization

GIS Services provided to Mobile County included:

  • Developed data structure for wetland mitigation bank land management
  • Processed LIDAR data into topographic contours
  • Transferred data between County server and handheld GPS units
  • Drafted GIS/GPS methodology document

Constantine Engineering professionals worked with the staff of the Mobile County, Alabama - Environmental Services Department to customize existing GPS surveydata and GIS geodatabases into an integrated mapping system.

Specific tasks performed as part of this project are summarized below:

-Developed a data dictionary structure customized for Mobile County's wetland mitigation bank land management efforts

-Processed the County's existing LIDAR data to produce topographic contours for the wetland mitigation bank area

-Converted ArcMapgeodatabases to ArcPad shapefiles for use on handheld GPS units Drafted GIS/GPS methodology

-Trained County staff on using, updating and maintaining the data on both the GIS server and the GPS handheld units

The staff now uses this GIS tool to manage County-owned property designated for wetland mitigation bank use.

Mobile County Environmental Services
Mobile County, AL
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