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Dauphin Island Water & Sewer Authority ? Raw and Potable Water Transmission Mains

Construction Methods:

  • Open Cut
  • Horizontal Direction Drill
  • Jack and Bore

Dauphin Island Water and Sewer Authority (DIWSA) selected Constantine Engineering, Inc. to plan, permit, design, and manage construction of 6,000 feet of 12" raw water transmission pipe, and 10,000 feet of 12", 9,000 feet of 10", and 1,700 feet of 6" water distribution mains associated with its new 1.3 mgd reverse osmosis water treatment facility. The new water mains replaced existing undersized water mains and provided new raw water transmission capacity to the water treatment plant. Constantine worked with DIWSA from the early conceptual design through final construction and commissioning of the new water mains and removal of existing pipelines from service. DIWSA financed construction of the project through the Alabama State Revolving Loan funds as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Constantine assisted through the complete loan process and provided technical assistance that helped to secure financing that included $4.2 million in grant assistance and a $2.7 million low interest loan for the water mains, new treatment facility and ground storage tank. The design team utilized KY-Pipe hydraulic modeling to identify proper pipe sizing and routing of the distribution lines which provide increased pressure and fire-flow through the service area. During the design, hydraulic model scenarios identified low pressure areas where existing lines could be looped to provide added pressure and reduce stagnant water problems. The model analysis helped determine the most efficient pipe diameters, which along with life cycle analysis helped to reduce pumping cost and pump sizes, thereby reducing operating and capital cost.

Dauphin Island Water & Sewer Authority
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