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Sandy Run Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Belt Filter Press Replacement Project - City of Warner Robins, GA

Project Highlights

  • Refurbishment and Replacement of unreliable BFP's with "like new" equipment
  • Significant Cost Savings

The 9 MGD Sandy Run Creek WPCP operated two 2-meter belt filter presses (BFPs) to dewater aerobically digested sludge produced at the facility. The existing units were installed in 1996, were light-duty units that performed poorly, were unreliable, and in significant need of major rehabilitation or replacement. In January of 2010, the City of Warner Robins, Georgia requested Constantine Engineering to develop a plan to expeditiously replace the units at minimal cost.

Constantine Engineering located two Andritz 2-meter SMX-8 BFPs that were currently not being used by the current owner and were in excellent condition. Constantine arranged a deal to purchase the units and prepare them for use.

By the end of March 2010, Constantine had removed the two old units, refurbished the one Andritz BFP and installed it and the better of the two older units in the existing building. The work was complete and the dewatering facility operational within 10 days. The total time to complete this project, from concept to startup and operation was less than three months and the project was completed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional delivery method and new equipment. In November, 2010, the Board contacted Constantine about purchasing the second Andritz BFP. Constantine, again, acquired the Andritz and completed its installation process. Both units have been in operation for more than 6 years without issue.

City of Warner Robins, GA Phone: 478.929.1903