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Augusta-Richmond County Utilities Dept. Water & Wastewater System 20-Year Master Plan

Project Highlights:

  • Developed a comprehensive, far-reaching plan for the next 20 years
  • Includes regulatory reviews, existing system evaluation and 20-year CIP

Constantine Engineering Professionals have served as the project managers or lead engineers in the development and update of long-range comprehensive water and wastewater planning documents for numerous utilities across the southeast.

The August Utilities Department (AUD) provides water and wastewater services to Georgia's second largest metropolitan area, the consolidated government of Augusta-Richmond County. AUD selected Constantine Engineering, Inc., teamed with local consultants, to develop a 20-year master plan for their water and wastewater system. The plan was completed in 2014.

The scope includes:

  • Regulatory reviews
  • Updating water and wastewater system hydraulic models
  • Evaluating existing treatment, distribution and collection systems
  • Developing a 20-year capital improvement program (CIP)
  • Coordinating public meetings with elected officials and local stakeholders

Augusta-Richmond County Utilities Department
360 Bay Street, Suite 180
Augusta, GA 30901