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Okaloosa County Water and Sewer - Arbennie Pritchett Disk Filter and Reuse Project

Project Highlights

  • 2.0 mgd disk filter to treat a portion of the effluent from the WRF to meet the 5 mg/L TSS limit
  • Project Design, Permitting, Bid Phase Services & Construction Phase Services

The Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department (OCWS) and the City of Fort Walton Beach (City) entered into a formal agreement to allow OCWS to accept raw wastewater diverted from the City's wastewater treatment facility to OCWS' 10 mgd Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility (APWRF). OCWS in return agreed to supply the City's golf course with approximately 2 mgd of reclaimed water (for a Part III Public Access Reuse system). Once the agreement was reached, it was necessary to complete this project within one year.

The project included a 2.0 mgd disk filter to treat a portion of the effluent from the APWRF to meet the 5 mg/L TSS limit. Modifications to the existing sodium hypochlorite feed system at the APWRF to provide the disinfectant and additional effluent piping to provide the needed contact time necessary to meet the Part III reuse system requirements for high-level disinfection were also included in the project. Turbidity and chlorine residual monitors, automatic valves, and reject water piping were included for the 2 mgd reuse system included in the project. For this project, Constantine Engineering, Inc. was tasked to complete the following:

• Project Design, including Project Definition, Schematic Design, Conceptual Design, and Final Design

• Permitting

• Bid phase services

• Construction phase services

By simultaneously procuring the equipment while constructing the filter holding basin and pipelines, the team was able to complete the project within the budgeted time.

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