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Oconee County (GA) - Calls Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade

Project Highlights:

  • Plan detailed the most cost effective and feasible alternatives to expand water operations to meet current conditions and future growth
  • Focused on optimizing the use of the existing water supply wells, and evaluated their ability to convey specific future water demands
  • Assessed condition, capacity and quality of all of the wells and water plants

Constantine, partnered with Crowder Construction, Inc., is currently upgrading the existing Oconee County Utility Department's Calls Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The Design-Build project will upgrade the existing unit processes and equipment at the existing facility to include a new 1.5 million-gallon-per-day (MGD) biological nutrient removal (BNR) facility capable of expansion to 3 MGD.

Oconee County's existing Calls Creek WPCP is an Orbal Process with three bio-membrane filtration units, which, over the years, have deteriorated and have experienced a loss of capacity. The County issued an RFQP seeking a Design-Build Team to construct a used/relocated 1 MGD unit at the Calls Creek WPCP and to rebuild a portion of a their existing 0.67 MGD membrane bioreactor unit to achieve a total treatment capacity of 1.67 MGD. The Constantine/Crowder team approach is to instead construct a new 1.5 MGD (BNR) treatment plant capable of expansion to 3 MGD. This new facility will include a new 135-foot diameter outer tank to provide a three stage Pho-Redux, Fine Bubble BNR Process and an inner 62-foot diameter clarifier. Other improvements to the existing process include headworks, electrical, SCADA and effluent outfall improvements. Our approach also includes construction of new effluent filters, ultraviolet irradiation disinfection, dewatering, and chemical storage and feed systems.

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