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Madison County Water Department - Mountain Fork Water Treatment Facility

Project Highlights:

  • New 8 MGD WTP
  • Well pumps
  • Chemical addition and flocculation tanks
  • Filters
  • Final chemical treatment
  • Finished water clearwell
  • Finished water pumping
  • Operations building and laboratory

The Madison County Water Department has over 25,000 customers and more than 25 certified water treatment operators. The water system infrastructure includes two water treatment plants with a combined water production capacity of 16 million GPD (gallon per day) from groundwater. The water system encompasses over 950 miles of water mains in service. The system has 11 water storage tanks with a combined water storage capacity of 16 million gallons.

The Madison County Water Department hired Constantine Engineering professionals for their Water System Improvement Project. This $9 million project consisted of an 8-million-gallons per day (MGD) water treatment plant (WTP) design, including well pumps, chemical addition and flocculation tanks, filters, further chemical treatment, finished water clearwell and finished water pumping. The project included an operations building housing the mixing facilities, flocculation basin, filters, and finished water pumps, and support facilities including the laboratory.

Constantine Engineering professionals were responsible for completing preliminary design tasks, assembling a design team of in-house personnel and sub-consultants, preparing the design documents, conducting the bid phase tasks, providing construction management, providing onsite construction observation, administering the project funds, and managing warranty period issues.

Madison County (AL) Water Dept. 266-A Shields Road
Huntsville, AL 35811