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Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility Design-Build Construction Project, Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department

Constantine Engineering was contracted to serve as the Program Management Consultant for this Project and was responsible for coordinating all activities associated with the implementation of the Program, including:

  • Project won the 2011 DBIA Water/Wastewater Award
  • Construction of the Arbennie Pritchett WRF
  • Construction of the 200-acre RIB system
  • Construction of the 25-mgd re-pumping station
  • Construction of the collection system modifications
  • Decommissioning of the existing Garniers WWTP

Okaloosa County, Florida selected Constantine Engineering, Inc, as their Program Manager to implement a program to construct a new 10 million gallon per day (mgd) water reclamation facility (WRF). The new Arbennie Pritchett WRF replaced the aging 6.5-mgd Garniers Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new WRF is constructed on leased property, located on Eglin Air Force Base, that was being used by the Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department (OCWS) for disposal of treated effluent from the existing Garniers WWTP.

Constantine Engineering managed the $65 million-dollar program, including the construction of the new Arbennie Pritchett WRF, a new 25 mgd repumping station to convey flow from the existing WWTP site to the new WRF site, a new 200-acre rapid infiltration basin (RIB) effluent disposal system, more than 10 miles of new 8-inch to 36-inch diameter raw sewage and effluent piping, and decommissioning and demolition of the existing Garniers WWTP.

OCWS chose to implement the construction of the new 10 mgd WRF using the Design-Build (D-B) project delivery approach, in accordance with the Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA), Florida Statute 287.055. Using this approach, the County secured substantial benefits for its customers, including timely and efficient scheduling, optimal risk allocation, competitive design selection, and innovation, clear assignment of performance responsibilities to a single contracting entity, and long-term WWTP reliability and life-cycle cost savings.

The new WRF treats an influent average daily flow of 10 mgd and a peak hourly flow of 25 mgd. Provisions for future expansion to 15 mgd and 37.5 mgd respectively were included in the design. Constantine Engineering was also responsible for overall permitting of the new WRF, modifications to the existing WWTP permit, managing the design-build team selection process, design and construction management, public involvement, and negotiations with the Air Force. for the new WRF site lease.

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) named the OCWS Arbennie Pritchett WRF the winner of the 2011 Water/Wastewater National Merit Award.

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