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Constantine Provides Subsurface Utility Engineering Equipment to Facilitate Boy Scout Troop 106 Eagle Project


Pensacola Beach, FL—As a proud supporter of Boy Scouts of America, The Constantine Group is pleased to announce that we have assisted Troop 106 of Navarre with their Eagle Project in Pensacola Beach, Florida. From an achievement standpoint, a scout’s Eagle Project is considered a major milestone in his journey to the Eagle rank, which is the highest rank and one that only about 4% of all scouts attain. This type of project is both developed and managed by the scout; since the actual labor is performed by the scout and troop members, the Eagle Project provides progressively valuable experience in time and personnel management.

For this particular Eagle Project, we loaned our vacuum excavator, a tool used in the field by our subsurface utility engineering (SUE) staff. Specifically, the Scout constructed and installed informational kiosks along the Florida Trail, near Pensacola Beach. Having lent our SUE equipment for many previous developments, we always look forward to providing the Boy Scouts of America with assistance in any facet of their ongoing/future projects!