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St. Augustine Office Upgrades to Larger Location


St. Augustine, FL—After months of feeling too big for their offices, Constantine’s St. Augustine staff have moved to a larger office location.

The new location has space for fourteen (14) people, a copy and print-production suite, two conference rooms of different sizes, a break room, and independent reception area. The space is conveniently located close enough to the beach and downtown to allow for relaxing lunch breaks, but not so close so as to create unnecessary traffic.

When asked, team members at the office have been overwhelmingly pleased with their new location. Ricky Hendrix called it “one of the nicest spaces” he has worked in and Amelia McQuade said that she was “very happy” with how it turned out and that she is “much more comfortable here than in the old office.

This move follows an unprecedented growth in hiring to match an increase in projects across Constantine’s area of operations. While office size increases come with obvious time expenditures, it’s well worth the effort to ensure that all of our clients continue to have the personal contact that makes Constantine so client-focused.

St. Augustine Office:
100 Center Creek Road, Suite 108
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 562-2185