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Kizer and Downey Present at Savannah Water Conference


Savannah, GA—Jim Kizer and Joey Downey recently gave a presentation at the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) 2017 Annual Conference and Exposition.

The conference serves as an opportunity for all members of the water/wastewater industry—from owners and operators to academics and vendors—to share ideas, information, and best practices surrounding the industry.

Mr. Kizer believes that the information exchange hosted by such conferences benefit communities by allowing industry leaders to “enhance the protection of our natural water resources, to maintain safe and reliable drinking water, and to implement cost-efficient and effective technologies to best meet the challenges facing our water/wastewater/stormwater clients.”

Mr. Kizer’s presentation discussed one of Constantine’s recent design-build project, which expanded the Sandy Run Creek WPCP. The plant was built in the 70s and had undergone multiple expansions over the years. Constantine was contracted to expand the plant to allow for a significant increase in the plants flow capacity, add a 3-stage biological nutrient removal process, and new deep bed sand filters.

The innovative methods used for the plant’s construction have allowed it to operate at greater than 80% capacity during of the wettest periods in the recent history of central Georgia.