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Mobile Park Renovates with Constantine


Mobile, AL —Medal of Honor Park unveiled a newly-renovated “Playground Express”; a transportation-themed children’s’ playground. The park, which features modern equipment, play structures, and safety surfaces, is themed to match the various modes of transportation offered in the City of Mobile.

The park was unveiled by Mayor Sandy Stimpson, Commissioner Connie Hudson, and Councilwoman Bess Rich. Councilwoman Rich released a statement July 21st applauding the work of Constantine’s Paul Kleinschrodt and Johnathan Aeiker of Aeikir construction.

In anticipation of the projects completion, Conuncilwoman Rich stated that “Thanks to Commissioner Hudson and the county, the new structure will provide a safe and fun playtime for thousands more for many years to come.”

For more information about Playground Express, please visit the Park’s facebook or Constantine's facebook for pictures of this successful Civil Works project.