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Constantine Engineer Featured in Auburn News Story


Ashley Henderson and her husband, Bill, were recently featured in an article on Auburn University’s website exhibiting engineering families that had begun at Auburn. After being influenced by Auburn Engineers early on in life, Ashley and Bill met on their first day of classes and became friends through their study groups.

After dating throughout their time at Auburn, Bill surprised Ashley with a proposal in the Donald E. Davis Arboretum. Word spread so fast around campus that they didn’t even have time to tell their advisor.

Bill and Ashley got married in Troy, and now live and work in Montgomery. At Constantine, Ashley specializes in water and wastewater treatment design and construction. Bill is the assistant general manager for the Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board, where he has worked since graduating from Auburn Engineering.

They have two children: Reed and Kelsey, who is a senior in chemical engineering at Auburn.

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