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Funding Paves the Way for Completion of Decatur Utilites Sewer Extension Project


Decatur, Alabama, March 22, 2016 -Constantine Engineering, Inc. and Pugh Wright McAnally, Inc. partnered in 2012 to provide high-quality, cost-efficient professional surveying and engineering services for the Decatur Utilities Beltline Road Northern Area Sanitary Sewer Extension. The project laid the foundation for economic expansion, comprising approximately 44,000 linear feet of new sewer lines in a developing, yet unserved, area at the northern end of Beltline Road.

Constantine provided design and construction management services for Phase I of the project beginning in 2012, extending Decatur Utilities sewer lines approximately two square miles to Gordon Terry Parkway. Design for Phases II, III, and IV are currently being completed by Constantine, which will extend more gravity sewer lines along the northern end of Beltline Road to Alabama 20. Additionally, the final phases of the project will provide a new sewage pump station and pressure main to discharge the Beltline sewage to the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Construction of the final phases are set to resume as the Decatur City Council voted 4-0 on March 21 to fund the approximately $7 million needed to complete the project. The project team will open construction bids in April 2016, with plans to begin construction by July 2016 and complete all work by September 2017. These final phases are crucial to Decatur's growth as new businesses are attracted to the previously unserved area, as was evidenced by the initiation of construction of a new Holiday Inn Express and Mapco following the completion of Phase 1 of the project. In addition to commercial growth, the project promotes annexation of the affected localities as they are added to Decatur Utilities' service area.

In conjunction with Pugh Wright McAnally, Constantine Engineering is providing land surveying, engineering design and construction management services in a collaborative effort of local professionals.

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