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Arbennie Pritchett Reclamation Expansion Project Wins DBIA Honor Award DBIA


Our Arbennie Pritchett Reclamation Expansion Project won an Honor Award in the Water/Wastewater category for the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) Florida Region!

For the Arbennie Prichett WRF Expansion Project, CDM Smith and Constantine Engineering continued to work in partnership with Okaloosa County Water and Sewer (OCWS) to establish a regional wastewater treatment at the Arbennie Pritchett WRF (APWRF). Since completion of the original facility, OCWS negotiated several contracts with surrounding sewer treatment facilities, including the City of Fort Walton Beach and the Department of Defense. In 2010, OCWS negotiated a formal agreement to receive and treat all the wastewater flows from the City of Fort Walton Beach at the APWRF; and to supply the City’s golf course with as much as 1.55 million-gallons-per-day (mgd) of public access reuse water. This project allowed the City of Fort Walton Beach to avoid a major upgrade to its existing rotating biological contactors (RBC) facility to meet more stringent Florida Department Environmental Protection (FDEP) permit limits being imposed. In 2012, OCWS negotiated a formal agreement with the United States Air Force to receive and treat all the wastewater flows from the Eglin Air Force Main Base, Camp Rudder, Duke Field and The Army’s 7th Special Forces cantonment (7SFG). The project included construction services of several new pumping stations and force mains to collect and convey all the wastewater flows from these complexes to the APWRF. The project allowed for the complete demolition of the four aging and antiquated wastewater treatment facilities that had been in operations since the early 1970s as well as eliminate the construction of a new facility at 7SFG. In 2014, OCWS negotiated with the Niceville-Valparaiso-Regional Sewer Board (NVRSB) to allow OCWS to separate from this regional facility. OCWS is currently constructing a new repumping station and forces main to convey all of its eastern service area wastewater flows from the NVRSB WRF to the County’s APWRF. The recurring savings or additional revenues generated from these regionalization projects are estimated at more than $4 million annually, not including one-time connection or readiness-to-serve fees. The contribution of these additional flows, estimated at 3.5 MGD prompted an accelerated expansion of the APWRF. Again, CDM and Constantine Engineering worked together to quickly move forward with the Design/Build program to expand the facility to 15 MGD. This initial design was created at the beginning of 2016 and completed in the fall of 2018.