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TCG Holds Young Professionals Development Workshop & Conference in Auburn, AL


Constantine is happy to announce that we held a Young Professionals Development Workshop & Conference on June 11 at the Marriott Grand National Hotel in Auburn, AL. This development workshop conference was facilitated by The Constantine Group’s President and Senior Vice President —Jim Kizer and Joey Downey—with additional help from members of the senior staff—Joey Crews (P.E.) and Russell Moore (Head of HR).

The goal of the conference was to further integrate Constantine’s newer, younger employees into the company’s history, culture, beliefs, practices, policies, procedures, and ultimate vision. With the resourceful guidance of these Constantine leaders, our young professionals were able to soak in a plethora of beneficial information regarding personal growth and advancing their careers both within and outside of the professional workforce.

Many of the young professionals also got the chance to introduce themselves, showcase certain work and experience, and provide professional advice through educational presentations during the conference, simultaneously working on leadership skills and qualities that are advocated on a daily basis by the seasoned staff at TCG. Constantine’s young professionals also had the honor of learning from multiple guest speakers, including: Gary Fuller—Mayor of Opelika, AL; Joey Motley—Opelika City Administrator; and Mike Hilyer—ESG Operations Project Manager.

Throughout the day of technical training and networking, Constantine’s young professionals were able to learn an abundant amount of valuable information regarding leadership, opportunities, and expectations for growth both as outstanding citizens and young professionals in the workforce. The development workshop conference was an overall success, and Constantine truly looks forward to hosting something similar in the near future!